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March 25-31


Arvin and Nathan

Isaac and Justin

Joshua (Freshman) and Joseph

Paul and Sam

Ethan and Daniel

Joshua (Senior) and Alex

David (7th) and Daniel K. 

David (6th) and Willie

Anthony and Noah

Tyler and Ian


Libby and Katilyn 

Grace Y. and Frances 

Michelle and Allison

Vivian and Grace K. 

Sharon and Erin 

Hannah K. and Adeline 

7. Alice and Eujin

8. Judy and Lillian 

9. Rubie and Kylie

10. Kailyn and Hannah L. 

11. Lauren and Grace 


March 18- 24


Rubie and Michelle 

Frances and Kailyn

Vivian and Lauren O.

Kaitlyn and Libby 

Eujin and Alice 

Grace L. and Judy

Hannah L. and Lillian 

Hannah K. and Sharon

Grace K. and Kylie 

Allison and Erin

Grace Y. and Adeline 


Ethan and Justin

Issac and Willie 

Tyler and Anthony 

Paul and David (7)

Arvin and Noah 

Daniel O. and Daniel K.

Sam and David(6)

Nathan and Alex

Joshua (9) and Ian 

Joshua(12) and Joseph 


March 11-17


Frances and Eujin

Hannah K. and Hannah I. 

Libby and Grace Y. 

Vivian and Kylie

Grace and Adeline

Erin and Alice 

Sharon and Kaitlyn 

Michelle and Lauren 

Lillian and Grace 

Allison and Judy 


Willie and Paul

Alex and David (7)

Joseph and Daniel K. 

Daniel O. and David(6)

Joshua(12) and Tyler 

Arvin and Nathan 

Ian and Issac 

Justin and Ethan 

Noah and Joshua(9)

Sam and Anthony 


March 4-10


Allison and Ruby

Hannah L. and Hannah K.

Grace Y. and Judy Y.

Sharon L. and Lillian K.

Kailyn and Kaitlyn 

Lauren O. and Frances K.

Kylie C. and Libby C.

Eujin O. and Grace L.

Erin R. and Vivian K. 

Michelle Y. and Grace K.

Alice and Adelaine


Daniel K. and Paul L.

Sam Y. and Joshua P.

Willie R. and Joseph K.

Anthony K. and Tyler H. 

David L. (7) and Justin L.

Joshua C. and Alex Y.

Noah S. and David L. (6) 

Ethan C. and Daniel O. 

Arvin C. and Ian K. 

Nathan K. and Issac 

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